Medical emergencies specific to old age

Falls and balance issues

Falls and balance issues are much more common in older adults. One in three older adults experience falls, and it rises to 65% in the case of the 80+ population. Falls are not a normal part of ageing. Falls are multifactorial usually, due to the interaction between the comorbidities of the patient, medications, and the environment. Injuries and disabilities will follow a fall. One such thing is a hip fracture; without surgery, the older person will never walk again. Medication adjustments, home environment adjustment, physical activity, and assistive device use, if necessary, will prevent falls.


It is an acute state of confusion associated with older adults. It can be due to a wide variety of reasons ranging from infections, electrolyte disorders, low sugar levels, falls, increased BP levels, stroke, diarrhoea, heart attack etc. It leads to poor healthcare outcomes, prolonged hospital stay and decreased functional outcomes post hospital discharge.


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