Blue zone diet

The word in itself will pique the curiosity in us. What are Blue Zones? And what is this new diet? Is it going to be a revolutionary one that is going to be an elixir of life or is it going to be the latest fad that will become so last season very soon?


What is meant by Blue Zones?

Blue zone diet refers to the diet that is followed by the people in the blue zone areas. Blue zone areas are the regions in the world where people’s longevity of life is better than the rest of the world. We all would listen with heightened desire if we were told that doing a particular thing is going to make us live longer. In this fast-moving world, we desire to live longer. Even when the days are tough and tiring, the consensus is to live longer.


What are those blue zones?

  • Ikaria, Greece
  • Okinawa, Japan
  • Sardinia, Italy
  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
  • Loma Linda, California, USA


All these regions with no other similarity other than the fact that they are home to people who live for long and age in a healthy manner.  The causative factors were studied and one of the main similarities among them is the diet, which is the Blue Zone diet.

The world has become such a place that food has become something that has become a part of gratification rather than just for satiety.  The variety and commercialization have caused an immense shift in the way food is being consumed now.


What is blue zone diet?

Based on the studies that were conducted, the main aspects of the blue zone diet are the following

  • Finding a balance between Plant-based and Animal-based foods.
  • Rather than eating what is desirable to the heart, it is important to consume a balanced diet where your plate will hold more plant-based foods than animal-based foods.
  • Rather than planning a strict diet that will be difficult to follow for years together, this diet encourages us to find the most simple and natural foods.


Though the phrase Moderation is the key has been used and reused a million times, this phrase has been found to hold good in the blue zone diet. Whatever you are having, have it in moderation.

The plant-based food that should be added should have a healthy amount of beans, legumes, and nuts. This is going to help with the required amount of fiber and good fat that is needed in the diet. And the last point to note would be having less processed food. The lesser the better.

So, should we gear up, empty our kitchen and fridge, and raid the market? Not necessarily. Try to gradually shift your diet based on the above points. Not every one of us will be living the same lifestyle and suddenly changing the diet alone will not help in the well aging, that we all desire.

Though our hearts burn for the anti-aging methods and lifestyles, it is ironic that living a calm and peaceful life will benefit us in the long run.


Are we already to slow down for a second, look at ourselves, look at our life, and make conscious decisions that will alter our lifestyle?  

 If yes, then the way to go forward would be to include in your diet the take-home points from this diet.


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