A fall-proof home for seniors

Fall injury is a growing health risk among the senior population in India. The major contributing factors for fall injuries are aging, visual impairment, previous history of falls, depression, and gait problems. Even when falls usually do not result in serious injuries, they do have an impact on the mobility and functionality of the elderly. But the good news is that with a little precaution and planning it is possible to minimise such incidences. In this booklet, we will discuss simple safety measures that can be taken at home and in the immediate vicinity – to make mobility safer for our senior citizens.


  • Adequate lighting at the top and bottom of stairs in the house/apartment complex
  • Minimise glares from windows by using appropriate curtains
  • Adequate lighting for walking from bedroom to bathroom at night


  • Remove or secure throw rugs, carpets, or other loose surfaces
  • Ensure that telephone/lamp cords and wirings are not in walkways
  • Keep walkways clutter-free
  • Avoid floral patterns or other patterned rugs
  • Ensure that rugs and floor are in a contrasting colour



  • Ensure that stairways have non-skid surfaces
  • Mark the bottom step clearly and ascertain that it is easily visible
  • Make sure railings are secure and easily visible


  • Ensure that spills are immediately wiped and there are no wet floors
  • Use non-skid rugs in areas where water is likely to spill
  • Make sure that commonly used items are placed between the shoulder and knee levels


  • Install a Grab bar next to the toilet
  • Use rubber mats under showers
  • Have a shower chair/stool (|f necessary)
  • Install a raised toilet seat (if needed)
  • Secure loose towel racks and toilet seats


  • Make sure there is sufficient space between the bed and the walls
  • Clear the path from the bedroom to the bathroom
  • Avoid elevated or very low beds and soft mattresses
  • Ensure the presence of a light source and a call bell near the bed

 Hallways and furniture

  • Chairs with armrests and at an adequate height
  • Avoid furniture in common walkways
  • Ensure that switchboards and the walls are in a contrasting colour
  • Discourage pets from lying in walkways
  • (A frisky dog could cause a fall)

Checklist outside the home 

  • Uneven pavement clutters removed
  • Adequate lighting and railing for outside steps
  • Familiarity with the outside environment

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